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On the Way to the Second Citadel
Langley informs the group of bad news

The group, assembled, leaves New Coralum for the 2nd Citadel located in the Acantha Island chain out in the Thedriascea Sea. During the first leg of the flight the group begins to go over what Langley recounts during his time in ethereal form aiding the team of Aurora Lion members dispatched to investigate the island and any details from the explosion that had occurred. Ultimately, Langley reveals that during their investigation of the Citadels' lower levels that something was powerful enough to cause a disconnect from his physical and ethereal form causing him to snap back into his physical body, weakened.

     During the second leg of the three hour journey, the group begins formulating a plan to enter, engage any remaining hostiles and rescue any surviving members of the Aurora Lion group. Langley gives detail of the strange creatures from the sea encountered, the cultists from the Whispers of the Snake and the half dragon that led them. Additionally, he confirmed that the unit had discovered a large tunnel system at the very bottom of the 2nd citadel. Pauldron, using his gods granted dwarven senses, put it at a depth of 1,000'. Well beneath the sea floor. A Vein of Atashi perhaps? Lastly, he confirmed that it wasn't until the group attempted to gain entry into the 2nd citadel's library that everything went, no pun intended, to hell. It was then that something forced Langley back into his physical form.

    As the Crown Behemoth begins it's final approach Langley starts questioning the party members on the details surrounding the decision to have the group leave New Coralum and not to return until called upon. Lisbet, Payarus, Ciela and Jotun all offer detailed information. It isn't until Payarus mentions the pit fight debacle and the subsequent theft of a chest which lead to an attempted mugging which lead to several killings and a fire being set that Langley grows quiet. After a moment, given his disorientation from his long sleep, he asks when that all occurred. Payarus reaffirms it all occurred last night. Langley looks at Payarus but addresses the group in general, ".. how could Consul McCarran have found out so quickly, the Amaranthine (New Coralum law enforcement) wouldn't even have filed the report on the attempted mugging and subsequent deaths until morning and that wouldn't be processed until end of the day today." The concerned expression on his face grows more intently as he continues to process and says, ".. and the pit fighting isn't something we at the Central Citadel even address, that is Amaranthine jurisdiction, local law, we would only be involved if military personnel were involved and if that were the case there would have been a thorough investigation performed, which lasts a minimum of 3 days before a report could be filed." He stares intently towards everyone across the table and quietly asks, "What makes you so sure you were speaking to Consul McCarran at all?" As everyone begins to process the ramifications of Langley's thought the dwarven Captains voice cracks over the ships speakers, "..We're here.."


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